How Can Your Business Get Ready for Post Covid-19 Pent Up Demand?

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After months of staying at home and limiting both spending and travel, economists are predicting that Consumers will go out and spend in greater amounts after the threat of COVID – 19 diminishes.  With multiple vaccines in development that show promise for protecting the population from the spread of this virus, the end is in sight for the pandemic hunker down mentality to end.  The signs are here. Despite the warnings around the risks of holiday travel, consumers were flocking to the airport this week.  It shows that they are weary from the weeks of isolation and ready to engage. 

Has your business prepared for meeting this pent-up consumer demand?  Here are some steps to consider.  

First remember consumers want to feel safe.  This need will not automatically stop after the vaccine emerges.  Be sensitive to this need and s how your willingness to adapt and do business on the customers terms.   Communicating to existing customers the precautions you are taking now and, in   the future, to create a safe environment will go a long way in starting or restarting a relationship with your customer base. 

What you do next will differentiate you from competition.

Communicate every way that is available.   Utilize social media, signs, e mail and on hold phone messaging to convey important information.  Remind your customers of why they loved your business pre pandemic.   Reinforce your strategy for keeping them safe.  Last, convey how you will meet their future needs.  Maybe it is e commerce, or curbside delivery in addition to traditional methods of distribution.

Consider a brand update just to give your business a fresh new look.   This type of branding change holds constant with the history of how your company attained success but gives it a fresh look that implies you are ready to meet consumers needs in new refreshing ways. This gives them a reason to engage with you or to re-engage and displays confidence and hope in the future.

Customers will begin to engage by communicating through search engines, phone and e mail.  Make sure you use all resources wisely.  If you can afford it, employ more workers to anticipate customer needs.  Having an effective marketing campaign that covers compelling e mail and voice mail messaging is critical.   Answer emails and phone calls promptly.  Each interaction with your business needs to be better than the competition.

Consider a marketing campaign or promotion.  Give customers a REASON to buy something now.  A small marketing campaign might be just the ticket to get customers back in your door.  For local customer consider a Every Door Direct Mail or Geofencing ads online.  For outside your local community engage with Facebook or LinkedIn advertising focused on your target customer.

Remember to maximize your referrals by optimizing reviews online.  As consumers and businesses go back to the marketplace they will search online first.  Do not forget to manage and work hard for reviews.  These review lead to new customers and repeat customers. 

Start NOW to anticipate this pent-up demand.  Businesses never plan to fail, but they often fail because of a lack of planning.  Having an effective marketing plan will add revenue to your bottom line.

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