With nearly 63% of consumers preferring the convenience of online shopping, it is important to create a strong visual brand that people can trust. Your product photos could have a major impact on potential customers are resonating with your ecommerce store.

In the ever-growing world that is ecommerce, having rich media such as 360-degree images and video will give you a competitive advantage in your industry. These interactive visuals enable shoppers to experience your products online with a similar detail that they get in a brick-and-mortar store.

1. Professional Product Photography Satisfy Expectations

Your website is your online storefront. This means that it deserves as much attention as your physical store. When a customer walks through your doors, you wouldn’t want to greet customers with a messy and unsatisfactory storefront.

Having visuals on your website allows visitors to form opinions about your company. Customer expectations for visuals are rising. Studies show that customers expect around five to eight images of every product on a website. The lack of visual representation can be a deal-breaker.

Consumers going to go shop with businesses that communicate the clearest. Having professional product photos can help your business sell more; but doing it all by yourself can be an impossible task.

2. Build Trust

The customers that visit your website are not just looking for the five to eight images of every product – they want five to eight good images of those products.

Imagine you get an ad on Facebook for some shoes you want to buy. You click on the ad, and you are taken to a site that has small, grainy, and low-resolution images. Your trust in that company wouldn’t be very high.

When you deliver high-quality product photography on your website, you are instantly gaining the trust of every visitor.

3. Professional Photos Can Create an Interactive Experience

Just like customers gaining full trust in a product that they can physically touch, the same level of trust can be achieved online. How do you accomplish this? Interactive images.

Being able to manipulate an imaging (rotating or zooming) increasing the level trust in a product. Features like 360-degree and lifestyle photography are not only trustworthy but are also enticing to customers. In other words, they improve your conversion rate and customer retention.

4. Save Time and Money

While you might be thinking you might be able to take all of this on yourself. This could be a costly undertaking.

You have a business to run and taking photos of all your products is a difficult project to manage on top of meeting sales goals. If you are doing it yourself rather than hiring a team of experts, there is no guarantee that you will get the quality and consistency you want.

Hiring a professional studio to handle the photos, post-production, and editing allows you to focus on the day-to-day task of your business.

5. Professional Photos Can Help Prevent Returns

Let’s get straight to the facts, nearly 30% of all products ordered online are returned. The stakes for having low-quality photos on your website are getting higher and higher.

One of the biggest reasons why products are returned is because the image does not look like what had arrived in the mail. In other words, you can gain a customers’ trust when you have high-quality images of your products on your ecommerce.

It’s time to level up your product photography for Ecommerce

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