About Our President

Meet Fallon!

She has always known that she wanted to do things “outside the box,” and build something of her own. Athena Companies was born from this vision and currently offers Marketing, Advertising, Consulting and Event Planning Services.


Fallon believes that to grow and expand personally, you need to push your own boundaries and take risks. She extends this thinking to Athena and their clients. By encouraging clients to be brave in their approach to digital marketing, Athena helps them be remarkable and stand for something.


According to Fallon, “Athena helps clients challenge the status quo because that’s what marketing is all about.”

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Fallon Anawalt has always approached business with concentrated determination and unwavering optimism. To craft the career of her dreams, she has had to shatter the boundaries of conventional roles and social norms, while helping and inspiring her community along the way. In her latest interview, Ms. Anawalt discusses………

For most budding entrepreneurs, the goal of building a business into a successful venture can be an undertaking that’s as exciting as it is daunting. Considering that, according to the Small Business Association, some 90% of all startups launched eventually fail for any number of reasons, it is a testament to an entrepreneur’s skill and passion for their work in having even one venture grow into a thriving company—let alone three.


In this regard, entrepreneur Fallon Anawalt is a rare case. Having grown up helping……….

Fallon Anawalt is an entrepreneur with a strong background in marketing. She grew up helping her dad on their family farm before graduating college and starting her career in marketing. She wrote articles and press releases for industry publications for an industrial tank company and then went on to provide marketing work for aviation companies………

It may seem like Anawalt is kept busy with everything her Athena Companies does: The firm helps organize luxury events, develops digital marketing strategies for other businesses and offers consultation services. She reported an average growth rate of 30% among her clients last year, and is proud of the business’ reputation for service and employment. But Anawalt is also quite active with several area non-profit organizations and efforts, such as 1 Million Cups and Lafayette House.


“We have been blessed to be able to support many of the local non-profits and believe they are extremely valuable to the Joplin community.”

If she had a piece of advice to pass on to the next generation?

“Just don’t be afraid to take risks. Without risks, there are no rewards. Also, whatever you decide to do, know you must be all in.”