A Recession is upon us – why marketing now matters more than ever

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Recession-proof marketing matters now more than ever, and instead of canceling any digital marketing campaigns, businesses would benefit from ramping them up instead. Many companies react to economic downturns by playing it safe and cutting back on advertising, but this isn’t the best strategy. Although many marketers forget many purchases are not just from creative ads, they depend on consumers embracing lifestyles that encourage consumption. During a recession, maintaining or increasing advertising pays off better in the long run.


As sales drop, businesses typically cut costs, reduce prices, and postpone investments. Although it’s wise to contain costs, failing to support brands or analyze your customers’ changing needs can negatively impact your performance. Companies that tend to succeed the most during trying times take the time to analyze changes and adjust their strategies and tactics to combat the shifting demand.


One of the main benefits of digital advertising is that it provides companies with tons of data that helps finetune SEO or paid-ad campaigns for better results and efficiency. Since marketing is so diverse, you can maximize returns and minimize spending in areas that are not as effective. SEO is an excellent way for businesses to gain greater visibility as competitors cut themselves out of search results by ending campaigns. As your competitors pull out of the market, metrics like cost-per-click can decrease, making traffic more attainable. Search engine marketing takes a long time to succeed, and good results are hard-fought. However, it is easier to lose rankings than to get them back. So as your competitors diminish their SEO tactics, it allows you to move up the search results page and stay there.


It is essential to maintain your loyal customers during a recession as they are the primary source of your revenue and growth. Marketing is key to retaining and bringing in revenue from these customers and others. In addition, brands that maintain and build a recognizable presence in the market can better minimize their risk.


With advertisers having more advanced technology to reach their target users and determine the impact on revenue, the long-term problem of brand recognition is diminished. Companies that continue advertising will keep their brand in front of consumers’ minds, setting them up for success when the economy rebounds. It is possible to optimize ad spending to reach the right consumers in the right ways. Many people who used to be reachable on laptops and smartphones can now be found in a targeted OTT environment. This creates a unique opportunity to drive brand awareness to users whose undivided attention is given to their watching program.


These circumstances can be taxing on your business, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. However, it is common for advertisers to cut media spending during downward economic cycles. We have found that you should increase your marketing spending during these negative cycles as they will lead to better market share and sales. Overall, if you can continue spending on advertising, now is the time to do it.

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