LinkedIn Marketing

We are often so focused on building our company’s image that we often forget to develop our personal brands. One efficient way to do this is by updating your LinkedIn page and building up your profile. Although it may seem like a minuscule task on your never-ending to-do list, it will be worth the extra […]

A Recession is upon us – why marketing now matters more than ever

Recession-proof marketing matters now more than ever, and instead of canceling any digital marketing campaigns, businesses would benefit from ramping them up instead. Many companies react to economic downturns by playing it safe and cutting back on advertising, but this isn’t the best strategy. Although many marketers forget many purchases are not just from creative […]

Incentive Marketing

Who doesn’t love receiving a free gift or discount? Your business can easily apply this concept to your marketing strategy by offering incentives to motivate your customers. Now you may be wondering what an “incentive” is when it comes to marketing. A marketing incentive motivates customers to do something such as make a purchase, subscribe […]