DLG Realty Team


The DeTar Lagow Greer Real Estate Team were in the process of beginning their new Pro 100 real estate team. They approached us to develop a new brand strategy and position for the newly formed real estate team.

What We Did

How We Did It

The Logo

Simple and clean. The DeTar Lagow Greer Real Estate Team needed a logo that was clean timeless while incorporating the color palette from Pro 100 Inc.

Social Media Presence

One of the most important things your brand needs is consistency. We created social media graphic templates for the DLG Real Estate Team to use across all of their platforms.


Having a logo that represents your business is great, but displaying your team members is a personable approach to drawing in customers. We captured photos of the DLG Real Estate Team that can be used in multiple applications.

Graphic Design

The most challenging aspect of any branding identity project is how your brand is applied in the real world. Designs must be clear and concise to make sense to your customers.

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