2S Venue & Event Center


2S Venue & Event Center needed a one-stop-shop company to help market to a whole new clientele. With a beautiful venue perfect for weddings and corporate events, they needed to showcase the venue's amazing features.

What We Did

The Branding Guide

Consistency is the key to brand recognition. We took 2S Venue & Event Center's current logo at expanded upon it to create guidelines that make sense for their brand.

Social Media Presence

We created social media graphic templates for 2S Venue & Event Center. Having these templates help speed up the process of social post while also creating more brand consistency.


A great way to showcase all of the great features and the beauty of the space was through photography. These photos can be used for print material, social media, SEO, and website visuals.

Video Production

Across the internet, video is the most engaging content that can be utilized. From pre-roll ads to social media post, this content will be placed where customers will be paying the most attention.

Web Design

With no website presence, 2S Venue & Event Center had the opportunity to truly start fresh. We create a website that utilizes all branding guidelines, photos, videos, and design elements. Using all of these assets allowed us to design a website that is on brand to help generate leads.

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